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Mortgage Protection: How It Saves Lives

With the housing market in a frenzy right now, homes are selling 30% over the asking price. Makes you wonder why someone would pay $175,000 for a house that’s only worth $140K, and more importantly, why wouldn’t the homeowner protect their interest?

Mortgage protection protects the borrower and co-borrower from loss in the event one of them dies and cannot pay back the loan balance. Many Americans think mortgage protection has something to do their PMI loan charges or fees from the lender, but that isn’t the case. Mortgage protection is very inexpensive and has saved many a homeowner from filing for bankruptcy, or worse, eviction!

With uncertainty being at an all time high these days, having mortgage insurance protection in place could potentially save a family’s future.

Call our office today and find out how much it would cost to cover your family in the event you or your spouse die prematurely. Our team will run the cost analysis on your home, analyze your priorities and come up with a solution to protect what matters most to you!

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