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Hi my name is Carmen Hornberger. Initially I got into financial services over 30 years ago because I was impressed by the impeccable suits and jewelry on the Merrill Lynch guys who came to visit my college on career day. Gosh they were SHARP and I wanted to look that good😀 But seriously out of all the other jobs that were there the Sales role appealed to me most. I immediately thought “How can I impact women in this role?”

Since then I’ve made it my personal business to bundle all of my 20 years of knowledge in retirement planning into a special four part series that empowers women in these areas:

  • What Women Need to Know about their Own Retirement

  • What Women need to ask their Spouses 

  • What Women need to ask their Employers

  • What Women need to ask if considering Divorce

I was raised by two entrepreneurs so I always knew deep down I could never work 30 years for someone else. However, I took the hard road and ended up in IT for 11 years working for some of the most well known fortune 50 firms in North America. I made great money but I was very unfulfilled and unhappy. But it was here where I learned the back end infrastructure of a system. I understand now how programs are built and which ones are better suited for generating traffic related to insurance needs. This type of information is very valuable when you are trying to grow an agency. 

Currently Benefits To Go LLC is still maintaining revenues in the six figures and plans on hiring more staff since bouncing from the pandemic. New marketing plans, corporate dates, agent training, and podcasts on the new retirement series will all be aired next year 2022.

My goal in 2022 is to perform 1000 retirement “makeovers” for women. Our goal at the end of the series is for women to begin to apply the knowledge they have learned and start making the returns they deserve for their future!

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My company specializes in Tax Free Retirement plans for women. These plans are uniquely designed to provide 4 key benefits for a woman’s retirement:

Protection from unnecessary taxes

No market risk

Protection of ALL retirement income

Guaranteed to never outlive income


A Reputation You Can Rely On

"Dear Carmen, Thank you for coming out to our home last year and presenting all the various policies to us. We are so happy we purchased the Critical Illness Policy. A few short months after getting the policy Shane was found to have a cancerous tumor on a kidney. Thank goodness the doctors were able to shrink the tumor. The $10k has really come in handy, especially in this trying time.

Thanks again!"

Shane and Lisa Seals

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